Grow your watch and jewellery store with effective marketing. Proven track records

We specialize in designing, building and marketing jewellery retailers, brands and wholesalers.​

In a nutshell

We've worked with jewellery retailers across North America to grow their customers with exceptional marketing and clienteling.

If we dont generate you more money than you spend on marketing + our fee. then you dont pay.

Current & Past Jewellery Clients:

Website Design & Development

With thousands of hours of experience analyzing and optimizing jewelry websites and marketing campaigns, we have developed a pre-optimized jewelry website design that saves you time and money on trial and error.

Account Based Marketing (B2B)

Looking to expand your wholesale jewellery business? 

Target retailers with specific, relevant ads to help get your foot through the door.

Paid Digital Advertising


by H & CO

We climb to the top of organic search results to ensure the initial click breaks through the competition’s noise.

Website Design & Development

Building an commerce 


Generate foot traffic to your retail locations selling and creating the opportunity to build deeper connections with your customers.


Translate your retail experience online Sell across Canada and the world with your 24/7 online store.